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Redi Driver Post Driver

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Redi-Driver Post Driver

A Revolutionary, Gas-Powered Way to Drive your Posts


Welcome to the latest innovation in post installation! Redi-Driver is a revolutionary, gas-powered post driver that can drive any type of post effortlessly into the ground in seconds!  This tool is easy to move, uses no hoses or compressors, and it's even economical on fuel.

To use, simply place the Redi Driver on top of your post and squeeze the throttle. The Redi Driver is capable of driving posts into just about any type of soil, even rock and pavement!

Click on the Video to see the Redi Driver in Action>


To rent a Redi Driver in PA go to Gap Power

Gas Powered Post Driver
Redi Driver Boss with 3 1/8" Barrel

Free Shipping!  This is the fastest, easiest way to drive posts!

Hand Held T Post Pounder
Redi Driver Classic with 2" Barrel

Use this driver for grounding rods, T posts and rebar.  Free Shipping!

Exension Handles provide approximately 2' of additional reach.
Redi Driver 2' Handle Extension Kit

Look, no ladder, extension handles help keep both feet firmly on the ground.

4' Handle extension kit
Redi Driver 4' Handle Extension Kit

Extension handles that will give you 4' of extra reach.  You can now install 10' long post without a step ladder.

3 to 2 Redi Drive Reducer
3" to 2" Reducer for 3" Barrel Redi Driver

This friction fit reducer enables the Redi Driver Boss to drive 2" Posts

RodSleeve 3 1/8" x 1"

The rodsleeve keeps grounding rods and rebar in position enabling the REDI driver to pound them into place.

RodSleeve 2" x 1"

Hold rebar and ground rods in place to maximize your drivers efficiency.

Hammer Lube

It doesn't take much, but the proper amount of grease is essential for both the SUMO USA driver and the REDI driver to function properly.  Check grease levels every 3 months.


Watch more Videos of the Redi Driver in Action!


Features and Benefits:  Saves Time Money and Energy

* Improves production by reducing worker fatigue...build a fence in nearly half the time!

* Easily access those though areas where other equipment cannot go!

* Isolated spring system on the handles for vibration dampening!

* Drive a large variety of post sizes with the 3" barrel model!

* Will not freeze up in cold weather like other post drivers!

REDI Driver Specifications

Rated Weight- 2" barrel model weighs 32 pounds

                      - 3" barrel model weighs 35 pounds

Blows per minute - 2" barrel model offers 1720 bpm

                             3" barrel model offers 1820 bpm

Power Source - 1.3hp HONDA GX35 4 stroke engine with 7000 rpm

Starting system - recoil pull start with trigger throttle & integrated stop button

Fuel Consumption - up to 1000 posts on 1 gallon of gas

Meets worldwide emission & noise requirement

Highest quality sealed bearings on internal components

All materials are of the highest quality specifically engineered for performance and function

Quality viton O-rings throughout

2" and 3" barrel bottom assemblies are interchangeable


Best Warranty on the Market:

Automatic 3 year limit warranty!  No need to register or pay a fee to extend beyond 30 days!

REDI Driver, Inc. will honor a limited warranty that this machine is free from faults for a period of 3 years from date of purchase.  The warranty extends to the original retail purchaser only and commences on the date of the original retail purchase.

Any part of the Post driver manufactured or supplied by REDI Driver, Inc. and found in the reasonable judgment of REDI Driver, Inc. to be defective in material or workmanship, will be repaired or replaced without any charge for the parts or the labor.

Freight or shipping costs for sending your REDI Driver to our location for repairs or warranty work will be the responsibility of the person sending the driver to REDI Driver, Inc.

Limitations: This warranty does not apply to the physical appearance of any product or to any product which has been misused, abused, improperly maintained, altered or repaired by an unauthorized person.  Damage due to faulty installation of parts, faulty operation, or faulty maintenance.  Damage to components caused by operator error such as dry-fire or misfiring the machine while operating.

Excluded components which may need replacement or repair due to normal wear and tear, or lack of proper use/maintenance include: O rings and seals, lost or stripped fasteners, guide tube(barrel) from incorrect use of driver, crank pin that is broken due to incorrect handling(left hand thread), and REDI driver sleeves and accessories.