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7.5' x 330' Freedom Deer Fence
7.5' x 330' Freedom Deer Fence

A full height deer fence for areas with light to medium deer pressure.

Was: $339.00
Now: $298.00
7.5' x 100' Ultra Freedom Deer Fence
7.5' x 100' Ultra Freedom Deer Fence

A full height deer fence recommended for areas with medium to heavy deer pressure.

Was: $199.00
Now: $162.49
150' kit for heavy deer pressure
Ultra Deer Free Plus 150

Keeping Deer Out of Gardens just got way easier.  This deer fence kit stops deer and other critters from getting in. This is the ultimate Deer Out!


Deer Fence

Virtually Invisible Deer Fence and Garden Fence!

Let's face it, you're frustrated.  You love your garden, but so do the deer.  Those are your tomatoes, your hosta, your apples, your flowers and shrubs that the deer are damaging and to add insult to injury, the deer are spreading Lyme Disease carrying ticks as they eat.  You need a deer solution that is easy and safe, it must be cost effective and it has to work.


Keeping Deer Out of the Garden


At Deer Fence USA our goal is to make keeping deer out of your garden and off the property easy.  Our Garden Fencing has been designed with you, the garden enthusiast in mind.  Do-it-yourselfers will love our deer fencing / garden fencing kits.  Each garden fence kit contains everything you need, deer fence, sometimes referred to as deer netting, deer fence support post, ground stakes and other accessories.  When rodents are also a problem make sure you also get the chew protection barrier.  By the way, studies show that by fencing the deer out of the yard you will greatly reduce your chances of getting Lyme Disease.  Please book mark this site and come back and visit often.

How Our Deer Fencing /Garden Fencing Works

Deer fencing / Garden Fencing from Deer Fence USA is really hard to see.  In fact, this is a big part of the reason why folks love this garden fence so much.  Imagine sitting on your patio, surrounded by your beautiful gardens and yet only 20 feet away stands your deer protection.  But you can't see it.  The garden fencing hasn't spoiled your view.   It's the thin profile and the black color of the deer netting that make it blend right into the background.  This low visibility is the secret to how our deer fence works.  Deer have terrible eye sight.  Their eyes, like all prey or hunted mammals, are designed to see motion in a large panorama.  They easily see a wolf on the move, but they cannot see with the pin point focus and accuracy.  When standing next to a properly installed garden fence from Deer Fence USA a deer, quite literally cannot see the top of the fence.  Installed at 7 feet high, the top of the fence is above the field of focus for the deer.  He can't tell where the garden fence ends and the sky begins.  The deer may be physically capable of leaping high enough to clear the garden fence but he cannot judge the fence to jump the fence.  Leaping and jumping are flight behaviors.  Deer will not risk a broken leg just to go get a meal.

Deer Will try to Crawl Under the Garden Fencing!

The deer will try, however, any of a number of other ways to get past the deer fencing, after all you just blocked the path to the buffet line. Deer will lean on the garden fence, push on the garden fencing and even try to crawl under the high deer fence.  They will even follow the garden fence line around the perimeter; for this reason it is essential that the gates are kept closed, particularly at night.  A properly installed deer fence / garden fence from Deer Fence USA will repel a deer even running at speed.  It takes the local deer herd about 3 months to learn that the deer fence is there.  Eventually, they will make a new route and go around your garden fence.

The deer fence comes 7 1/2 feet tall, installs at 7 feet high, the remaining 6" must be flared away from the exclosure and well pinned to the ground with ground stakes from Deer Fence USA to prevent deer from crawling under the garden fence.

Deer Protection - Garden Protection

By installing Chew Protection Barrier around the base of a deer fence / garden fence from Deer Fence USA you have built a formidable garden protection system.  Go ahead and plant whatever you like.  Your garden is protected.

At Deer Fence USA we are committed to providing the safest and the best products for your deer and wildlife exclusion needs.  We carry everything that you need to install a virtually invisible deer fence / garden fence on your property.  Items can be purchase a la cart, or we have even created some custom garden fence kits for easy installation.  


Any questions at all please call and we will be happy to assists you;


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